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Microcraft International Training

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Become an expert in relevant computing fields and applications

Microcraft International Training and Microcraft Business Academy brings you professional training programmes designed for optimum impact.

  • These courses are usually delivered in a prepaid one-session class.
  • You must pay and confirm a date, to attend or repeat a class or course.
  • One-session courses are always scheduled or repeated once every week.
  • Multi-session courses always begin with first week of the month, and same time next week for subsequent classes.
  • WD 1, 2 & 3 courses are available as 3-session classes.
  • Px courses are available as 4-session classes.
  • Fees include appropriate materials for the course.
  • Repeat classes/courses will be considered for 50% discount if there is evidence of adequate prior learning, and without new materials.
  • Trainees pay in advance for their classes, and pick desired dates on the week.
  • Missed classes are not refundable. But with prior notice of at least 48 hours stating class code, course, time and reason, missed classes can be rescheduled.
  • Selecting 4 or more courses, attracts 20% discounts if enrolled and paid once.

Available Courses / Classes

  • WB1  N4000
    Computer Basics and Windows Systems
  • WB2  N3000
    File Management and Sharing
  • WB3  N6000
    Internet and Social Media Basics
  • WB4  N9000
    Devices and Systems Management
  • WP1  N9000
    Word Basics (Symbols & Page Formatting)
  • WP2  N9000
    Word Advanced (Graphics & Document Formatting)
  • DA1  N9000
    Excel Worksheet Basics (Format & Formula & Chart)
  • DA2  N9000
    Excel Worksheet Advanced (Lists and Data Analysis)
  • PP1  N9000
    PowerPoint Basics (Slides, Transitions & Animations)
  • PP2  N9000
    PowerPoint Advanced (Narrations and Video Production)
  • GD1  N8000
    Corel Graphics Design Basics
  • GD2  N6000
    Image Editing Basics
  • GD3  N9000
    Basic Video Editing
  • DD1  N5000
    Database Design Theory
  • SD1  N6000
    Programming Basics (data types, operators, data i/o)
  • SD2  N6000
    Programming Data Structures (loops, arrays, strings)
  • SD3  N7000
    Program Design (algorithms, flowcharts, functions, classes)
  • SD4  N6000
    Programming and File I/O (text files, binary files)
  • SD5  N9000
    Database Programming and Design (DAO, ADO, SQL)
  • SDx  N12000
    Programming Language Course: (select any of: — PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, .NET, SQL, CSS, HTML, C#, C, C++, VB6, Swift, Go, Rust
  • WD1  N9000
    Web Design — Structure & Components (HTML, Images, Templates, CSS)
  • WD2  N9000
    Interactive Web Design — JavaScript
  • WD3  N12000
    Database Web Applications Design — PHP, MySQL
  • ST1  N8000
    SPSS Basics
  • ST2  N8000
    SPSS Intermediate
  • ST3  N8000
    SPSS Advanced