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The Total Differential Modeling Toolkit


ESM-Lab is a modeling software that facilitates the Total Differential Modeling Approach. It works like an econometric analysis system, but depends on multiple simple regressions instead of multiple linear regressions. It minimizes complicated econometric and economic theories and derives the structure of an economy directly.

With ESM-Lab, you can analyze and model data targeting all the mainstream economies easily.

  • It minimizes complicated econometric theories and derives the structure of an economy directly.
  • It works with a variety of data source including Excel, CSV, and text.
  • It has several interesting features and can address many economic systems problems.
  • It can handle all problems which econometric modeling can handle including Dummy Variable models, Pannel Data models, etc.
  • The beauty of ESM is that it specifies the structure of the economy or problem directly and does not depend on any complicated theories and by-passes most of the estimation problems associated with multiple linear regression and its extensions.
  • ESM-Lab comes with basic charts features, and can handle very large systems of matrices.

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More about ESM-Lab

ESM-Lab is not a high level programming language, at least not yet. It's a toolkit that can be used to analysis data

ESM-Lab is an modeling toolkit with simply interactive interface, a state-of-the-art light-speed data analysis engine, to help researcher quickly produce results.

ESM-Lab is used by reseachers in various fields or disciplines. Lecturers and instructors to analyze data for their research. Students use ESM-Lab to learn data modeling and research.

ESM-Lab is currently not an open source technology, so it is not free to use and modify. If you are looking for Support or technical partnership, the ESM-Lab Foundation provides such services.

ESM-Lab facilitate Linear Programming and Optimal Control: a lightweight, easy to use, statically simplified tool with a real and useful data analysis engine.

Evaluating ESM-Lab?

You can learn more about ESM by reading the manual.

If you are currently evaluating ESM-Lab from either a student, business or technical point of view, you can contact us. We can assist you get the best of ESM-Lab.

ESM Goal

The goal of designing ESM-Lab is to help change the world by accelerating the pace of decision making, innovation, development, and learning in our social economic sphere. We use this environment to provide innovative solutions in a wide range of application areas.

ESM Foundation

Rex Aruofor and Kingsley Omoruyi, the cofounders of ESM-Labs, recognized the need among economic systems researchers and scientists for easy to use and yet more powerful and productive computation environments to compliment existing tools such as SPSS, MATHLAB and Eviews. In response to that need, they combined their expertise in mathematics, engineering, economics, and computer science to develop ESM-Lab, a high-performance technical computing environment. The ESM Foundation was setup to manage the community created by ESM-Lab software.

Our strategies

We actively support our local and professional communities through initiatives that advance STEM education development, especially through university and college students research and projects.