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The Complete Accounting and Sales Software for Small Businesses

Manage your Business with ease.

EasyBooks is complete business accounting Software with modules for general ledger, sales/service, retail business activities, employees and payroll management. The EasyBooks CBA system allows for effortless operation with its point of sale application, general ledger integration, and stock level control with inventory management.

With EasyBooks, a change in one account such as a product sale is automatically reflected in other related accounts through a versatile double entry account system. Manual stock maintenance is very demanding and difficult to supervise. The computerized stock can save loss of valuable assets and help you make management decisions. EasyBooks offer full data integration by keeping all business information a few clicks away, and in one software package.

EasyBooks eliminates the high dependency factor common with manual and spreadsheet methods. That is, key management can access information directly and depend less on particular officers before they can get information and avoid the chances of getting untimely or incorrect reports.