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The Complete Cooperative Accounting and Management Software

Manage your cooperative society with ease.

Cooperatives can streamline their operations and improve their management processes through the use of computers. Computers can remove the duplication of efforts often seen in the manual accounting systems and transaction recording. Processing payments by hand is time-consuming especially for cooperatives with many members. Paper transactions can often be difficult to trace, leading to complaints from members and, in some cases, a feeling of being cheated. An erosion of trust, questions of accountability and an accounting system that is open to abuse can jeopardize a cooperative's effort. COOPIMS combat these issues and improve the efficiency of cooperatives.

Coopims help you track members details, contributions, loan disbursment and investment portfolios all in one place.

Be up-to-date on your cooperative operation. Coopims helps you minimize excessive paper work and fully automate your manual processes without any hassle.

Benefits of COOPIMS

  1. COOPIMS has several reports you can generate and customize, such as contributors ledger reports, general ledger reports, monthly deduction advice, income/expenditure statement, balance sheet, etc.
  2. COOPIMS can be used as standalone desktop application, as a shared application on a network, or as an online internet application, so that operators and management can access information from the comfort of their desks. Users can be defined with passwords and privileges or rights so that multiple users can access information without compromising security and data integrity.
  3. COOPIMS eliminates the high dependency factor common with manual and spreadsheet methods. That is, key management can depend less on particular officers before they can get information and avoid the chances of getting untimely or incorrect reports.
  4. COOPIMS offer full data integration by keeping all business information a few clicks away, and in one software package, thus giving you a better grip on the workings and functionality of your cooperative.

COOPIMS has built in accounting system, that uses a double entry general ledger module with customizable Chart of Accounts, which lets you post transactions and generate Financial Reports.

Evaluating COOPIMS?

If you are currently evaluating COOPIMS as facilitator, you can contact us. We can assist you get the best of your COOPIMS evaluation.

Automate Membership and Contribution

Add and update your cooperative members information with ease using our simplified updating feature. Coopims collects and automatically registers payments made into cooperative account.

Automate Loan Processing

Our cooperative management software speeds up the process of allocating, managing and tracking loans.

Multiple Location Managment

Do you operate from multiple location? Coopims ERP helps you manage all tasks. Our advanced reporting features helps you monitor your cooperative's financial health directly from your dashboard.

Coopims Frequently Ask Questions

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Yes. Coopims allows you own a cooperative software application tailored just for you and your members. Give us your requirements, and we would customize as appropriate.

Our cooperative management solution supports the 3 main types of cooperatives, formal (single point of deduction), informal (thrift/esusu) & farmers cooperative.

Yes, Coopims gives you a high level of security and bank grade data security and encryption. You can set up roles to define different users and set limit to actions they can take on their account.

We do not hold a associations funds, ones a member is debited the funds reflect in their bank account automatically*.

Yes, members have a direct access to their statement of accounts and related information from their account. They can also check for eligibility of loan from anywhere.

Sure, apart from automating your data collection methods, we have made it possible to store information to your cooperative's investments. This way stakeholders are continually in the loop.