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About CEDIA Project

Community Development

Cappa-City IT Awareness Association

CITAA’s mandate is to educate and help managers at all levels to aspire without limits and succeed using ICT, to achieve much more with available resources.

Whether it is the Principal of a school, the Administration of a Church, a Chief Medical Director of a health centre, the Managing Director of a government agency, the DPO of a police station, the breadwinner of a family, etc. we believe that organizations can achieve more results if managers can recognize the role of ICT in modern development trends, tap into ICT opportunities, support ICT providers and generally provide a favorable environment for the ICT user-provider partnership to thrive.

Managers are the driving force for developing the society, and at CITAA, we are convinced that, once managers know the possibilities and how they fit into the ICT driven society, they can up their game, set higher targets previously considered unreachable, and achieve success. Ultimately the society will benefit from the improved services being provided by these organizations.

Mode of Operation
The mode of operation of CITAA is to organize “FREE” seminars and workshops for managers of all categories and levels who are saddled with the responsibility of running their organizations. We expose them to key issues on ICT, and how to maximize the value of both human and material resources.

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