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Our main features

We Work With You To Address Your Most Critical Business Priorities

If there are challenges in your organization that programming can solve, please free to give us a call. Our wide range experience in programming and design enables us to deliver the best services to our clients. It is not just about buying computers, you also need customized software to reap the full benefits of your IT infrastructure.

  • Computer Programming
  • Software Development
  • Database Design
  • Web Applications Developoment
  • Web Design & Hosting
  • Mobile Apps
  • Tech Support & Networking
  • Multimedia Services & Publishing
  • Data Analysis
  • Training & Consultancy

Our services / Products

We Create Solutions For Individuals and Organizations

Finance/Accounting Software

We have solutions for cooperatives, hotels, shops, schools, hospitals, churches, clubs, ngos, associations, government agencies, etc.

Web Presence Solutions

Web hosting is what makes your site visible on the web. We offer fast, reliable plans for every need - from a basic blog, to ecommerce, to high-powered site. Designer? Developer? We have got you covered too.

e-Learning & e-Testing

We design and develop e-learning and e-testing platforms for online and offline study, practice, testing and exam management.

Data Protection

Our backup and data protection software is easy to use and very fast. You can use it to quickly recover your files immediately after an accidental loss.

Virus / Crash Recovery

When you suffer disk crashes and data corruption due to virus attacks, we can help you repair the damage and recover your precious data.

Training and Consultancy

We design and deliver effective and affordable training solutions. Our goals are shared by our staff who work tirelessly for growth, development and better solutions.

You Always Get the Best Guidance

Great companies are built on great products. We are a dynamic team of creative people, innovation & development expert.

Why choose us

We Provide Experts To Create A Great Value For Your Business

  1. We analyze the whole system

    Our work process is laced with expertize and understanding. We complete every project with experience hand.

  2. Safeguard for Your Business

    Satisfying our clients and protecting their interests is everything. We keep this simple and leave you better and happy.

  3. Beneficial Strategies

    You don't need a million-dollar tool to write under water when a pencil can. With good understanding of all the options, we help clients implement the most cost-effective solutions to their problems.

  4. Build Solutions that Work

    The bottomline is to create and provide solutions and solve customers problems. And here at Microcraft, we love unmasking computing to its basic indices of quick and effortless solutions.

We make a difference

The Best Solutions For Developing Your Business

Our products and services are affordable and world-class!

Our clients say

The Best Solutions For Developing Your Business

Great companies are built on great products. Perhaps that's why many of our projects come by recommendations from satisfied clients.